Vehicle Wrap Installation Van

Vehicle Wrap Installation

A vehicle wrap consists of covering a vehicle completely (full wrap) or partially (partial wrap) in an adhesive digital vinyl material. We print your mobile advertising vehicle wrap on only the highest quality vinyl (3M ControlTac vinyl & laminate in most applications), then the printed vinyl is covered with an overlaminate to make it scratch and chemical resistant, and to give it UV protection. Then our experienced installers go to work, carefully applying your advertisement to your vehicles, fitting and conforming the vinyl around the curves and contours of your vehicle.

What makes a car wrap effective? Keep the wrap design clean yet vibrant. We recommend keeping it simple. All too often, a message is lost if the wrap design is too busy. You can even make the wrap personal, for example with a picture of the owner of the company actively performing the service he or she is selling. Great designs on a vehicle wrap matter. So make the wrap unique and innovative. Above all, make your vehicle wrap a real head turner!  You can transform a bulky, unattractive vehicle with an elegant wrap design that softens those rough edges.

At Rubber Neck Signs, we use the industry’s most premium wrap films, like 3M and Avery, with up to a 10-year outdoor durability.  The wrap is laminated with a protective vinyl film. We offer this overlaminate film for your wrap in both gloss and matte.  The lifespan of your wrap will depend based on UV exposure and the care and maintenance of your vehicle wrap. We recommend washing your custom wrap at least twice a month, and if you have a gloss wrap, waxing your wrap twice a year will extend the life of your wrap. We do not recommend waxing your wrap if you have a matte wrap. 

Wrap Your Vehicle

Vehicle wraps are not only affordable for large brands that elect to use vehicle wraps as a core advertising strategy, but also for small and medium-sized business. You can’t shut off the message on a vehicle wrap, like you can on a TV or radio. The vinyl wrap is displaying your message and providing valuable advertising 24/7.

Outpace the competition without outspending them. A partial wrap can give your marketing efforts a major boost, but it’s no budget buster. Vehicle wraps drive sales and make a bold statement. Unlike Yellow Page and newspaper ads, whose returns have declined, vehicle wraps’ broad reach and low cost-per-impression, can add horsepower to your mix and shift sales growth into high gear!

Why are vinyl car wraps so effective? Vehicle wraps are impossible to ignore and generate a return on investment many times over. Vinyl wraps are 40 times MORE EFFECTIVE than a standard TV ad. Think about it: 96% of Americans travel in a vehicle each week. If your car doesn’t have a wrap, that is a missed opportunity!